Microsoft’s Kinect patent application goes public, reveals gobs of fine print


By Darren Murph     from(

Not like it matters much now — after all, Project Natal has had time to incubate and come out as Kinect — but those wondering about the inner workings of the motion sensing system now have more one outlet to investigate. A patent application filed on February 23, 2009 was just made public today, describing a “gesture keyboarding” scenario where users can make gestures that are caught by a “depth camera” and then converted into in-game controls. Of course, those paying close attention could’ve read between the lines when we toyed with a camouflaged PrimeSense demo at GDC, but here’s the fully skinny in black and white. And a bit of blue, if you count the buttons. Give that source link a tap once you’re settled in.

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